My name is Cki
I'm french 3D concept designer from France (Limoges)
40 years old, Love drawing, scifidesigns, electronic devices and dancing.

My inspirations:

Songs:Soundtrack from videogames, movies and animes.

Artists: Vitaly Bulgarov- Fausto di Martini-Mike Nash-Brian Sum-Mean Goreng-James Hawkins-Aaron Beck-Lee Souder-Shinku Kim




At the beginning,
I was not enough good to get into traditionnal Art school
So, I've started my journey as 3d modeler in 2002
for a small company called Lexis Numérique at Noisiel near Paris.
I found out a contract with a school to study 3D graphic.
Where I've learnt a lot about art, constraints and productivity.
People trusted me about my potential even though at this time i didn't know how to do art using 3d tools.
I known just drawing characters. There was the 3dsmax manual, the book was 600 pages long and since I had 2 hours of train, I read it during transport.
After 2 years,i quit school before the end and i've worked as freelancer for many companies around Paris. 

Like i loved to do beautiful image i learnt each tasks in 3d production.
So from 2004 to 2008
I've got many quick missions to do like 3d modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and compositing at Magic Lab, Aoki and others companies. 

I tried to developp my design skills but it was complicated to match job and personal artworks.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to work as a vfx supervisor at Montreal Gameloft and had opportunity to manage my cinematic team.

Passed 2010, for many personal reasons, i decided to go back in France and learned how to use ZBrush 3d app. 
Where i got chance to be a lead artist for a company called Nki at Paris.
In same time for 2 years i've worked as well as a teacher in school called New 3dge school at Paris.

Each opportunities on my journey made me realise the fact that i needed to focus on myself ,on why i love to do 3d in general.
It was creativity ,make great designs,
I was extremly sensible about art, futuristic art,
Especially in scifi universe.
This was my first goal in 2001, my reason to be in this industry.

In 2013, after a lot of reflexion, I switched my career from lead artist to 3d concept design
I worked hard to developp myself, it was new for me.

I was contacted by Blur Studio for Star Wars cinematic project, Halo 2 anniversary with 343 industries, as well Destiny 2.
Then later Activision called me for the Call of duty Blacks ops 3 project.
Once done i had the chance to work on Anthem project with Bioware company 

For 4 years consecutive i was beta tester for Pixologic company.

I also made presentation at THU 2016 at Troia in Portugal and ZBrush Summit  2017 at Gnomon School in Los Angeles.

In 2017 I worked for NVIDIA for RTX turing as Senior character designer.

In 2019 I got chance to work on Death Love and Robot a Netflix project.

Now i work for Archetype and Polygons Studio Japan.


3D Concept Design/3D Modeling/Visual Developpment

Clients and companies which i collabored with.

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